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Scientific Scale For Weighing in Bangladesh

We ship Scientific Scale For Weighing in Bangladesh. According to the Shipment area, the shipping price will set. We ship order by shundarban.

Jadu Bazar are always providing the best quality Scientific Laboratory Equipment. We always try to supply our clients with the original Brand & Quality tested products with service; Scientific Laboratory equipment in Bangladesh online store –
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Retail and Wholesale Policy: Scientific Scale For Weighing in Bangladesh

Any Buyer can buy any product on Retail price and Wholesale price. Retail and Wholesale price depends on the ordered quantity. Our all product price divided into four scales according to quantity. For example, if any buyer buys 100 pcs resistor he/she can buy only 13 Taka. If he/she buys more than 1000 the price is 12 Taka.

Product Return Policy:

Jadu Bazar always sells the best quality product. When you receive your product please check properly if any product has any problem please make a complaint. Our administration department contracts with you. Jadu Bazar doesn’t take any complaint after delivery complete. So so so so so. So so so so so

International Sourcing: . So so so so so. So so so so so

If any product is not available in our store but is available in the international markets like Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress and Alibaba. We will take orders by phone call. For international sourcing products, we must give 100 present advances. After giving your order place you will get your product 20 days later.

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