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Glass Filtration Set, VF12

Brand Wiggens
Model VF12
Origin Germany
Warranty 12 Months


Ideal for the purification of organic, corrosive liquid such as solvent (mobile phase) for HPLC analysis Filtration Set in Bangladesh

VF12,Glass Filtration Set: 167200-12
300ml Glass filter holder (1+2+3+4): 167120-31
1. Glass funnel, 250 ml: 167210-03 Filtration Set in Bangladesh
2. Anodized aluminum clamp: 167240-01
3. Filtration adaptor: 197000-65
4. Silicone stopper: 167110-17
5. 1000ml Glass storage bottle (Duran): 21801545

Vacuum Filtration technique is widely used in liquid filtration in microbiological detection, SuspendedSolid detection, sample re-process or solvent purification, mostly for microanalysis of HPLC, GC, or AA in food, medicine, beverage, drinking water,etc.

This unique design combined a filtration funnel with a receiver ask with drain, together with magnetic weighted base, guaranteeing the effeciency and stability.

Drawing for filtration principle

Filtration Set in Bangladesh

Save Time Filtration Set in Bangladesh

VF 12 can filtrate and store solution directly in GL45 storage bottle without the need of being transferred from the filtering flask.

Suitable for GL45 storage bottle

Unique filtration adaptor design can connect with GL45 storage bottle (1000 ml, 2000 ml, 5000 ml etc.)

Competitive Price Filtration Set in Bangladesh

The whole set is offered at a more competitive price than common filtration set with filtering flask.

Complete Set Include:

300ml Glass filter holder
Silicon stopper (No.8)
Filtration Adaptor for GL45 bottle
1000ml Storage Bottle

Filtration Apparatus Applications:

Ideal for the purification of organic, corrosive liquid such as solvent (mobile phase) for HPLC analysis.


DNA/RNA and protein filtration
Gravimetric analyses
Sterility and microbial testing, colony counting

MAVEN Magnetic Filters Review: Upgrading Daylight Photography

I recently had the chance to test this Maven photo filter kit in a 67-millimeter size. The product comes courtesy of Michael the Maven, a longtime photographer and camera tutor over on YouTube, who sent the kit for this review. Like typical photo filters, they attach to the front element of any SLR-style lens, but instead of screwing on, they attach via magnets and an included adapter.

You also get a magnetic lens cap in the set to replace the traditional snap-on type. Screwing and unscrewing filters can be a time-consuming process, so this magnetic system aims to make it quick and convenient. Each filter comes in a specific colored ring, letting you easily identify them on sight. Grips along the rings also help the user get a solid grip on them. Lastly, hydrophobic chemical coatings make the glass water-resistant and easy to clean.

According to Michael, the set was devised after becoming frustrated with lens filters that would degrade image quality and cause headaches in the editing process. He also puts an emphasis on convenience. “MAVEN filters were designed to address pain points common in most filters, one of them being a system to identify which filter by appearance, without needing to read fine print.” Let’s see how well his claims about image quality and ease of use hold up in photographic testing.

The Kit Filtration Set in Bangladesh

The MAVEN filter set comes with one UV protector, a circular polarizer, three neutral density filters of varying strengths, and the lens cap. Each attaches to the magnetic adapter ring, and they can be stacked to mix their effects. They all came in a soft carrying case with high-vis orange mesh on the inside. Sets will be available from a 42mm size, up to a massive 105mm. I suggest going with a size with which you can easily adapt multiple lenses. The rings themselves don’t have any threading on the front or back.

The MAVEN filters use permanent neodymium magnets. Now, that’s a fancy way of saying fridge magnets, but they do the job just fine. All filter elements attach very securely, and I found that I had to stack the whole set and shake the lens violently in order to make them fall off. It’s unlikely one will come loose during normal operation. After memorizing what each color means, I found the system to be quick and easy to use. I also got to test the strength of the lens cap after tripping over an errant construction sign and nearly bouncing my camera off the ground. The cap took most of the force and sustained a gash, but is still perfectly functional.

The Neutral Density Filters

The most important part of this kit, in my opinion, is the set of three neutral density (ND) filters. The red ring is a three-stop filter, with the purple and orange meaning six and ten stops, respectively. An ND filter’s job is to reduce the amount of light coming into the lens without affecting color information, Three stops will cut the light down to 1/8 of the environment, while six stops will give you 1/64, and ten will give you 1/1000th of the light.

Why would you ever want to limit the light going into your camera? There are a few practical applications. Bright sunlit environments will often force photographers to select high shutter speeds and narrow lens apertures, limiting the types of photos they can achieve. With ND filters, however, you can introduce motion blur, background blur, or both into daylight images. This is especially important in video shooting since motion blur is the key to realistic footage at standard framerates. A ten-stop or higher ND opens up the possibility of extra-long exposures and time lapses.

You can most obviously see this effect when it comes to waterfalls. The bare lens renders the waterfall as individual droplets. But gets smoother and smoother and each successive strength of ND is applied. At ten stops, any tiny shake of the camera will produce blur in the image. So a tripod is absolutely required. In-body camera stabilization will also be a plus.

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Additional information


: Wiggens


: VF12


: Germany


Funnel: Borosilicate Glass
Funnel Base: Borosilicate Glass
Membrane Support: Borosilicate Glass
Stopper: Silicon
Receiver Flask with Drain: Borosilicate Glass

Funnel Capacity

: 300 ml

Filtration Flask Capacity

: 1000 ml

Filter Diameter

: 47 mm

Effective Filtration Area

: 9.6 cm2


: 8 mm

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