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Ohaus Pipette (500 – 5000 µL)

Brand Ohaus
Model AO-5000
Origin USA
Warranty 12 Months
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Do you know Pipette Price in Bangladesh? We sale pipette in bangladesh. A pipette is the small piece of lab equipment that makes other lab procedures possible.

The Across Pro family of pipettes incorporates multiple features that bring comfort and efficiency to the repetitive but essential liquid handling process. OHAUS’ newest generation of adjustable, single channel precision pipettes includes eight models that can hold volumes ranging from 0.2 μL to 10 mL and support every application in which precise measurement of liquids is a main priority.

Applications Pipetting
Display 3-digit micrometer
Operation N/A
Communication N/A
Construction PVDF housing, stainless steel piston, ergonomic finger hook
Design Features Highly chemical and shock resistant, low thermal conductivity, light plunger force, low-drag seals

Pipette Price in Bangladesh

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A pipette is the small piece of lab equipment that makes other lab procedures possible.

Pipetting is a vital part of liquid handling workflow for any laboratory that works with liquids or semi-liquids, as pipettes give users the ability to extract the precise volume of a liquid sample and dispense it wherever it needs to go Without a pipette, the transfer of liquids from one location to another would be messy and unsafe. Additionally, there would be no way to track the volume of liquid being used accurately in each pipette tip. Laboratory research and procedures rely on the accuracy of pipetting results and reproducible precision. That’s why it’s so important to check pipette calibration every three to six months to ensure that your pipettes are dispensing the correct volumes. It’s also important to check your pipette for dirt or other signs of contamination, and inspect for cracking or damage around the plunger, plunger button, and the body of the pipette.

In a clinical or biology lab, if you aspirate too much liquid into your pipette while DNA sequencing, you’ll probably end up negatively impacting your sample by accidentally diluting your sample or leaving behind residual liquid. The results will affect your pipetting accuracy, and you probably won’t even be able to reproduce your mistake.

Therefore Pipette Price in Bangladesh

In order to be helpful in liquid handling procedures, your pipetting technique needs to be both accurate, and the precision needs to be reproducible, enhancing the integrity of your laboratory’s results.

Ready to start pipetting? Check out our collection of pipetting equipment to help get you started.

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out our brand new SCILOGEX SuperPette Autoclavable Pipettors, in seven fully adjustable volume sizes. This Pipette offers all of the premium features you’d expect from a premium pipettor for 30-50% less.

Check the Accuracy of Pipette

I’d bet that your trusty pipette is probably one of the most often used tools in the lab. But do you have any idea how to check the accuracy of your pipette? It’s one of those things that can get brushed aside in the heat of experimentation.

Pipetting accuracy is critical to successful experiments, especially for sensitive experiments. For example, qPCR relies upon accurate pipetting—calculations depend on having the same amount of template DNA (cDNA or otherwise) in each reaction. A pipetting inaccuracy of as little as 5% can result in a 2 ng variation in template DNA. This 5% error is geometrically amplified throughout the reaction and leads to hard-to-interpret results.

In a previous article, we showed you the basics of cleaning a pipette—now, let’s talk about how to check the accuracy of your pipette. We’ll take you through how to do this in just 7 easy steps.

Pipette Price in Bangladesh7 Steps to Checking Pipette’s Accuracy

Now that you’ve read the background, here’s how to check the accuracy of your pipette in 7 easy steps. This works whether you are using a positive displacement pipette or an air displacement pipette. And. But. So so. And. But. So so

  1. Get some ddH2O ready that has been at room temperature a while, along with your pipette.
  2. Place a weigh boat on the microbalance (or analytical balance). Make sure to close the doors and then zero the balance.
  3. Set your pipette to the desired volume within the pipette’s range. And. But. So so. And. But. So so
  4. It’s a good idea to “prime” the pipette tip a few times by pipetting up and down with water before you take your first measurement.
  5. When everything is ready, aspirate (suck up) the water into the tip again and eject it slowly into the weight boat. Then, shut the door and record the weight.
  6. Zero the balance, repeat steps 3–5 around 10 times, and average your findings. And. But. So so. And. But. So so
  7. Do this for each volume you want to check. Accuracy is often lost at the end of the pipette’s range, so it’s a good idea to test both the minimum and maximum your pipette is designed to do, along with 50% of the maximum volume. And. But. So so. And. But. So so
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Additional information


: Ohaus




: AO-5000

Volume Range

: 500 µL ; 5,000 µL


: 500 µL; 2,500 µL; 5,000 µL

Accuracy ±

: 2.4 % ; 12 µL ; 0.6 % ; 15 µL ; 0.6 % ; 30 µL

Precision ±

: 0.6 % ; 3 µL ; 0.2 % ; 5 µL ; 0.16 % ; 8 µL

Auto Cleavability

: Half

Increment (manual)

: 2 µL

Width (Shipping)

: 13.5 cm

Height (Shipping)

: 6.5 cm

Length (Shipping)

: 29.5 cm

Gross Weight (Shipping)

: 0.35 kg

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