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Vacuum Pump (Oil-Free Piston Pump)

Brand Wiggens
Model V300
Origin Germany
Max. vacuum (mbar) 100
Max. flow rate (L/min) 17


Chemvak V series vacuum pump is a piston-powered, oil-free pump. With innovative electronic, mechanical technology and human design concept make, compact and light weight, clean and maintenance free, safe and comfortable. Vacuum Pump Supplier in Bangladesh

Features Vacuum Pump Supplier in Bangladesh

No air pollution, maintenance free Vacuum Pump Supplier in Bangladesh
Chemvak V series pumps are driven by Piston, without the need of lubricant, regular oil changes and maintenance; with no oil pollution.

Moisture trap with filter cartridge

Chemvak V series pumps are equipped with filter cartridge in air inlet to filter particle and moisture to prolong the life of pump.

Oil-free Vacuum Pump Supplier in Bangladesh

The oil-free piston vacuum pump provides continuous, reliable, high flow vacuum for your container.

Vacuum regulator Vacuum Pump Supplier in Bangladesh

Chemvak V series pumps are equipped with vacuum regulator to adjust vacuum.

Thermal protection device

Every motor of Chemvak V series pumps has a built-in thermal protection device to shut off the pump automatically when overheated and then resume working when the temperature cools down. So

Application Areas Vacuum Pump Supplier in Bangladesh

Biology laboratories. So
Food industry. So Vacuum Pump Supplier in Bangladesh
Microbiological detection. So
Vacuum extraction. So
Liquid filtration. So
Vacuum drying. So
Suspended solids measurement. So

Can I use any oil for a vacuum pump ? So

Vacuum pump oil additives are limited to corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation and anti-foaming. Although vacuum pump oil costs much more, it cannot be substituted by motor oil. In order to choose the correct pump oil, it is useful to understand vapor pressure, viscosity, and distillation methods. So

Will a vacuum pump work without oil ? So

The oil-free vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump that can run without any oil for lubrication. It has the advantages of easy operation, good durability, convenient maintenance, simple structure, and no pollution to the environment. So

What is an oil-free vacuum pump ? So

Image result for Vacuum Pump ( Oil-Free Piston Pump) V300 Wiggens Germany. So
An oil-free vacuum pump, also referred to an oil-less vacuum pump or dry running vacuum pump, is essentially a pump that does not use lubricants in the chamber to create a vacuum or cool the pump. In oil-lubricated machines lubrication is used a seal the vacuum chamber and cool the pump. So

How long does vacuum pump oil last ? So

After a long period of work, it is absolutely necessary to replace it with a new one. Even without the above mentioned symptoms, it is recommended to change the oil after every 100 hours of vacuum pump operation. So

Can I use compressor oil in a vacuum pump ? So

Yes, same lubricating oil can be used. As a compressor and a vacuum pump are similar in operation. The difference is where you connect your device. Both have two ports a positive pressure port and a negative pressure port. If you need a vacuum you use the negative pressure port and vice versa. So

Can you use hydraulic jack oil in a vacuum pump ? So

Hydraulic Jack Oil is suitable for use in standard hydraulic, jack and hoist systems. It is also suitable for use in systems that use vane, piston or gear pumps, and vacuum pumps. Hydraulic Jack Oil is compatible with most pumps, valves, and seal materials. So

What does HFV stand for in oil ? So

Vacuum Pump Oil Mineral. ISO 32 / HFV 32. Specifically formulated to provide extended periods of trouble-free operation in all types of vacuum pumps and reciprocating compressors. Made from highly refined high Viscosity Index base oils. So

Best Quality & No Compromise. So 

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Additional information


: Wiggens


: V300


: Germany

Power (V / Hz)

: 220 / 50

Max. power (W)

: 60

Max. current (A)

: 0.3

Max. vacuum (mbar)

: 100

Max. flow rate (L/min)

: 17

Motor rotation (RPM)

: 1450

Port thread (mm)

: 9

Dimension WxDxH(mm)

: 272x142x165

Weight (kg)

: 4.4

Noise level (dB)

: 50

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