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Muffle Furnace, 1200℃ general (5L)

Brand SH Scientific
Model SH-FU-5MG
Origin Republic of Korea
Warranty 12 Months


General muffle furnace with swing door Muffle Furnace in Bangladesh
General laboratory use and ashing
Recommended ideal running temperature is below 1000℃
Heating from 4 sides and excellent temperature uniformity (+/-2.5%)
Excellent outgassing thanks to the exhaust air outlet on the head of chamber, i.e plastic polymer
Double housing and low surface temperature (29~30℃ at 800℃)
Ceramic fiber materials which are not classified as carcinogenic
Light weight Muffle Furnace in Bangladesh
Prompt heat up and good maintaining
SSR operation and PID control provides low noise operation and precise temp control (+/-1℃)
Gas atmosphere available with optional flow meter

Muffle Furnace

Destructive testing laboratories who carry heat treatment of ceramic, alloy, titanium and etc for aerospace and metallic production industries.
Building companies who transforms metallic power such as nickel alloy into sintered materials by sintering.
Material technology providers who develop polymer composites and graphene materials.
Aerospace companies who perform cyclic oxidation test between 1700C to room temperature in atmosphere-controlled environment.
Medical and healthcare companies who need analysis of ashes and contents through combustion of materials.
Material innovation companies who do sintering in vacuum or in inert gases.
Subsea and surface injection system companies who need vacuum furnace for softening cycles, annealing and age hardening of Inconel 718 tubes.
Analytical research labs who perform various material testing with thermal treatment.
Medical implants manufacturers who anneal alloy powders.
Material scientists in universities who do sintering materials such as polymer-derived ceramic parts.
Applied science engineers who process solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).
Environmental and chemical researchers who need combustion of materials.


Regulatory compliance service providers in the areas of hazardous waste thermal treatment, air permitting, air pollution control, contaminated soil remediation, and hazardous waste management.
Metallic parts manufacturers who need vacuum brazing and heat treating for steel.
Water treatment companies who test glass content in FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) products according to ASTM D2584.
Semiconductor manufacturers who anneal Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor wafer.
Engineering companies who do curing and sintering solutions in porous ceramic tubes.
Civil engineers who need soil combustion.
University labs who anneal Si wafer in vacuum condition.
Chemistry research departments who do the thermal treatments (stabilization in air and carbonization in argon) of carbon nanofiber precursors.
Marine equipment manufacturers who analyze ash content in marine HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil).
Graphene solution companies who produce graphene-based materials by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method. CVD furnace
Solid state battery manufacturer with polymer electrolyte, oxide electrolyte, sulfide electrolyte, phosphate electrolyte and etc.

Different Types Of Muffle Furnace And Its Application

The term Muffle Furnace is still in use today, however, it is not the same thing that was used in the early 20th century. Often known as “Retort Furnace”, it was one of the ways for heating furnace during many years ago.

However, today Muffle Furnace is a tube design or front-loading box that is commonly used for high-temperature applications in laboratories and industries. It can be used for creating enamel coatings, melting glass, soldering, technical ceramics, and brazing. Furthermore, it can also be used in different types of research works for determining the proportion of the sample that is non-volatile and non-combustible. Today it is easy to buy muffle furnaces online from the reputed and trusted manufacturer easily.

Different Types of Muffle Furnace in Bangladesh

This is four type of muffle furnace:

1. Box-type furnace

The box-type high-temperature furnace, as its name implies, is similar to a box, which is a classic muffle furnace, but with more functions and higher thermal insulation performance. The furnace is typically square, with customizable proportions. The front door opens, the door pulls out, and there is a door inside the door for improved heat preservation. This is the most popular high-temperature furnace, and it is ideal for most laboratories. So

2. Well Type Furnace Muffle Furnace in Bangladesh

This form is similar to that of a box-type furnace or an atmosphere furnace. The structure, however, is comparable to that of a crucible furnace. The well-type furnace has a vertical placement, which allows it to take samples and artifacts in a vertical direction. The furnace door opens on the top of the furnace and opens vertically. It is suitable to automate the improvement, such as with an automatic manipulator experiment. Although the furnace of a well-type furnace is typically round, many customers prefer a square furnace. So

3. The Tube Furnace

This kind of furnace is ideal for small samples for heating, sintering that are used in universities and colleges a lot. The artifact is to be set heating region and temperature zone and the working method is to put quartz or corundum furnace tube into the furnace for heating. The tube furnace has a sealing flange at the end that can create a pre-suction vacuum and be utilized to protect, oxidize and decrease gas. So

4. Atmosphere Furnace

It’s ideal for large-scale sample manufacturing and experimentation, as well as atmospheric requirements. The atmosphere furnace is identical to the high-temperature furnace but with the addition of an air inlet and outlet. The furnace seal welding, which includes a ring of high-temperature-resistant silica gel seal ring on the furnace door, can provide excellent sealing. When you utilize it, you may create a vacuum and a variety of other atmospheres. Although the vacuum effect is slightly worse than that of a tube furnace, it has no bearing on its application. So

Applications Using Muffle Furnaces

While many of our furnaces can handle the wide range of applications that “muffle furnaces” used to handle, there are still industries and processes that require the tight separation provided by a formal retort-based design. So

Muffle furnaces today employ cutting-edge technology and design to improve temperature stability and separate heated materials from combustion pollutants.

  1. Muffle furnaces are perfect for heat-treating applications, ashing samples, and materials research. So
  2. Muffle furnaces are extensively used in industrial and laboratory settings for high-temperature applications. These are some of the applications such as melting glass, creating enamel coatings, technical ceramics, soldering, and brazing, etc. So

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Additional information



Max temperature

: 1200℃

Continuous running temperature

: 1000℃

Chamber volume

: 5liters


: Digital PID controller


: K type


: 1.6kW

Heating element



: Ceramic

Power supply

: 110V, 50/60Hz, 1p, 14A, 220V, 50/60Hz, 1p, 7A

Net weight

: 44kg

Chamber size

: 150x300x100mm

External size

: 390x560x580mm

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